Nitin’s three gems

December 20 2009

BJP’s president in waiting has ample experience in running a distillery, sugar mills and PVC pipe units. But now the opportunity is
to build on an organisation and party. The challenge is to raise the morale of such a party which in the recent past has only faced defeat and humiliation. In the third week of December, when Gadkari will take over the reins of the party, then his team would have a number of gems. The most important role could go to Sanjay Joshi and then could come the number of Kirit Somaiah and Piyush Goel. Piyush would be installed as the biggest fund raiser of Gadkari and he could be rewarded for his works through a Rajya Sabha membership and he could also be made the national treasurer of the party. Those who are aware of Piyush’s past also recall how the post of Shipping Minister had been snatched within just six months from his father in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government during the NDA rule because the IB had not give a favourable report. Even then Piyush was actively working for his father. But it is not necessary for the history to repeat itself.

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