All for municipal elections

October 19 2010

Municipal elections are set to happen in Gujarat but the Congress and BJP have made it a prestige issue. From BJP, all big leaders, be it Sushma Swaraj or Arun Jaitley, all are there for campaigning for the elections. Narendra Modi has visited each municipal seat several times. Congress has also pulled out all plugs of its star campaigners such as Ashok Gehlot, Jaipal Reddy and Rajiv Shukla. The party is also using filmi clout. From Mahima Choudhury to Minissha Lamaba to Isha Koppikar, the glamour quotient is high. There are a few wars of words too. For instance, when Modi said that he will have a statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel in the state, and which will be bigger than the Statue of Liberty in New York in Gujarat, Congress’ star publicist Rajiv Shukla quipped, “Poor Modi didn’t get a visa to the US. How would he know that people wander inside the State of Liberty wearing shoes? Does Modi want the same fate for Sardar’s statue?” And that Jaswant Singh, who has condemned Sardar in public, is back in the party with all pomp and show. Not only are the arrows flying, they are easing the heartache, too.

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