Wire leads to Nair

February 07 2010

Prime Minister’s principle secretary T.K.A. Nair played the most important role in putting the name of Chatwal in the front of the row
for the Padma awards. Even otherwise the friendship of Chatwal and Nair is quite old and very strong. It was also Nair’s friendship
because of which Sikh Chatwal recently opened a hotels in the Malayali land of Cochin and this hotel was inaugurated by Nair too. So this time the committee that was constituted for the Padma awards, in it apart from Prime Minister’s principle secretary Nair, Union Home Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, Rajya Sabha MP and Gandhi family loyalist Kapila Vatsyayan and CII chief Tarun Das were also present. It is understood that in the meeting of this committee, it was Nair who first proposed the name of Chatwal and in no time it was approved
by the other members of the committee. Yes, and it is not worth mentioning that the friendship of the self-proclaimed Mr. Clean
Manmohan Singh and Chatwal is equally reliable, strong and old.

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