Nigeria’s drug mafia connection

November 11 2013

There is a need to redefine the diplomatic relations between India and Nigeria. After what has happened in Goa for the past few days, and the way the Nigerian diplomat sent SMSes to both countries, and that created a little bit of strain between the two nations. An international investigative agency even raised questions about the location of the Indian embassy in Nigeria. In the past, it has warned the Indian government that the invisible links of the Indian ambassador there should be probed. Otherwise what is the reason that Nigeria-based Indian High Commission is allowing a big number of Nigerians visas to come for medical, business, tourist, student visas without the proper documents. So the valid question to be asked right now is if the drug mafia has an influence on the Indian Commission there. American Drug Enforcement Agency has given strict instructions against the Nigerian citizens. Several Indian universities have made the laws and rules stricter when it comes to admission of foreign students. Because of this, Nigerian students getting admission in Delhi University and several other prominent universities is becoming tougher. But Punjab is still proving to be a Mecca for students from Nigeria. That’s because it is easier for them to get admissions there and may be that is the reason that a majority of youth in Punjab is numb with narcotics. The Nigerian embassy in India has brought together such as contingent of Indian lawyers specialise in drug cases. India’s helplessness stems from the fact that it can’t ruin its diplomatic relations with Nigeria even if it wants because it imports 17 per cent of its total crude oil from Nigeria and more than 10 lakh Indians have made Nigeria their home.

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