It didn’t happen the way Priyanka wanted it to

September 10 2012

It is worth mentioning here that this time none of the five names Priyanka had suggested for the Assembly elections from Rae Bareilly in UP got a party ticket. And this is when Priyanka had considered Rae Bareilly’s local politics and caste equation. And ever since Sonia has taken ill and has been going to the US for treatment, Priyanka has been keeping her company and most of her time is spent with her mother. Priyanka has taken the entire responsibility of taking care of her mother – medicines on time, taking care of Sonia’s little needs and that she has lunch on time and so on. Now even Sonia has started to feel that Priyanka should start to play a more active role in the organisation. And that she should contest the elections from either Amethi or Rae Bareilly.

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