Narendra Modi number one

January 03 2011

BJP has got its chief minister’s report cards ready and have had their ratings done by an independent agency. In matters of governance and efficient working, Narendra Modi rules the roost. (The BJP keeps conducting such surveys). The best part is that under his rule, corruption is next to nothing. Number two is Chhatisgarh’s Dr Raman Singh. On the bureaucratic level, there is corruption in the state, but Dr Singh’s governance has been efficient, his image is clean and projects for the common man are earning him a lot of goodwill. The state is number one in public distribution system and every man gets his due of government quota of rice every month on time. The government’s data shows each person who has been given the rice in each town and village, by whom and when. Black marketing and scams, therefore, have little room to exist. Shivraj Chauhan is also maintaining his performance while Jharkhand’s Arjun Munda is treading cautiously. After seeing what happened to Madhu Kauda before him, it’s not surprising. Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa takes the cake when it comes to corruption, and Uttarakhand’s Nishank is not far behind. About Nishank’s government it is being said that even the chief minister will have to bribe someone if he wants his secretary transferred.

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