NaMo’ popularity dips

May 26 2013

After the BJP’s defeat in Karnataka, BJP’s star politician Narendra Modi’s status in the party has gone down a tad bit. Sources reveal that before the results for Karnataka elections came, Modi’s interference in the party’s daily and regular working was a lot more. He would call up the BJP President Rajnath Singh every two-three days saying that such and such issue should be raised, such as such party president should give this particular comment about an issue and so on. On the day of Karnataka elections, Rajnath Singh had called up NaMo and said, “You are invited to the Parliamentary Board meeting. Please do come. Even if the party loses, your being there in the meeting will boost the morale of the present leaders.” Modi had agreed to be there. But as soon as the Karnataka elections results were out, Modi made an excuse about a toothache and didn’t come to Delhi. Several prominent party leaders didn’t like this and thus the party is now no longer seeking Modi’s opinion on several party matters.

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