Sant Samaj Yatra from Ayodhya

July 21 2013

Narendra Modi is playing the Hindutva card to the hilt and taking help of all the wings of the Sangh Parivaar while doing so. Next month, Vishwa Hindu Parishad is mobilising the Hindu Sants to launch a “Sant Samaj Yatra” from Ayodhya.The yatra attempts to project Modi as the tallest Hindutva leader.
As part of the yatra, the sants will give discourse all over the country on Hindutva and the role Modi is playing to further the Hindutva cause. VHP sources say that the yatra will cost over Rs 35 crore. To make sure that the yatra faces no financial hurdles, Modi’s well-wishers have already given a huge chunk of this amount as “advance’ to the VHP!

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