NaMo’s money power

June 10 2013

Ramlal and Saudan Singh are at loggerheads about Modi-aide Amit Shah being given the secretary’s post in UP. Saudan Singh from the Singh wants to know what Shah knows about the UP political scene. For the first time, Rajnath Singh also agreed with Saudan Singh about this. This is the reason Rajnath Singh has put the list of secretaries prepared by Ramlal, on the backburner. But it is believed that NaMo got into action after this and told Rajnath Sing that there is no one comparable to Amit Shah when it comes to election preparation and strategy and Gujarat’s election results are a proof of this. But Rajnath’s logic was Amit Shah hardly knows anything about the state’s geography and caste politics. Sources reveal that Modi told Rajnath Singh that his election budged for the 80 seats in UP is about Rs 100 crore, which will be spent by Shah. Suffering from financial troubles, what could be better news for the party and Rajnath Singh agreed. So is the same logic working behind Rajnath Singh’s decision to made Modi the chief of the party’s election committee?

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