The rot within

May 28 2010

The Congress has got divided into two camps on the issue of which approach would be most effective in dealing with Naxalism. There is one group which believes that a solution to the vexed problem is possible through talks. Sonia Gandhi herself is of this view and Digvijay Singh is also constantly harping on this note. The other group represented by Chidambaram favours a more radical approach. It believes that if India is to be prevented from becoming another Nepal then the lone solution to this problem is the use of Army. This group believes that Naxals are neither short of money nor resources, they are getting money from both within and outside the country. Whatever schemes of the Central Government are reaching the Naxal-affected areas, the Naxals are reaping a windfall out of them and taking a hefty commission. So much so that even the Government officials in
those States have to pay a portion of their salary to the Naxals as commission.

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