Happy after handing cash

August 10 2013

Congress’s Gehlot government in Rajasthan is throwing away money among the public. It can be called the biggest cash scheme by any other state government until now. And the Congress can see its immediate benefits already. According to an older investigative report, the Congress was supposed to get just 45 seats in Rajasthan. A newer report says that there is a dramatic improvement in the seats the party is set to get. Now it is being said the Congress will get 72 seats against the speculated 108 seats by the BJP. If the Gehlot government continues to rain down money on the public through the cash scheme, the party’s performance may improve even more. A few days ago, Ashok Gehlot had a talk with Sonia Gandhi and Gehlot requested Sonia on his behalf, and said that the longer it takes to announce the elections in the state, the most the Congress will stand to gain.

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