The Singh is king

February 27 2011

Congress’s political air is rife with the cold war between 10, Janpath and 7, Racecourse. Allegedly, such a strong demeanor has never been seen from a weak prime minister. The almighty Sonia of Congress has never looked so helpless. Is it merely a coincidence that this column for the first time reported a rift between the PM and Sonia Gandhi and there have been problems between the party and the government. In a hurry, the PM’s advisors call a meeting of electronic media’s editors for a press conference, without consulting 10, Janpath. And what is it that the PM clarifies about, everything that was reported in this column: for instance, “There are no problems between the party and the government,” “I never threatened to quit” and so on. All pointing to the fact that there is something wrong somewhere.

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