The Congress’ plan for the Dramuk split

May 23 2011

They will never be able to tell how their faces lie scatted among the shattered glass, the day they manage to hold the shards together, all the faces will be bloodied. This Friday, Kanhimozhi went to jail with tears in her eyes. Imagine who she has to share her cell with – Madhuri Gupta and Sonu Panjaban. But this doesn’t seem to be the last of Karunanidhi’s family’s troubles. The Congress is hell bent on tearing the DMK apart. Dayanidhi Maran has started to give the Congress gameplan is trying to give it a real shape — he is in touch with more than half of the MPs and MLAs of the party. And in any case, the Karunanidhi family feud is out in the open. Tamil Nadu may be playing out a big game soon.

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