A face-off between two honest men

April 01 2012

Defence Minister A K Anthony has been able to achieve a lot because of his clean and honest image. But this time, he has to deal with another honest person like him – the general. Now he doesn’t know what to answer to the government or the public. Both General Singh and Anthony have offices on the same floor in South Block in New Delhi. But since the letter has leaked, there’s barely any exchange of greeting between them. Three-four days ago, when Anthony was giving clarifications to the Parliament and the press after the general’s letter got leaked to the prime minister, the general was in Jammu and Kashmir due to his previously scheduled official programme. But look at the active stance the general’s office took – the defence minister’s press conference was just about to go underway, and the general’s office had already passed a statement trashing the letter leak incident. Everyone known Anthony suffers from spondilytis, but he doesn’t have time to consult a doctor. He actually knows what the real pain the neck for him nowadays is. And until such time that the general doesn’t retire or goes on leave, Anthony’s neck troubles are going to stay.

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