Nitish and Nitin’s friendship

November 21 2010

Nitin Gadkari’s son is getting married on December 3 in Nagpur. The wedding will be attended by all the biggies of the BJP and NDA’s coalition party heads have also been invited. A few days ago when Gadkari was in Patna, he personally invited Nitish for his son’s wedding and he had readily accepted the invite. As is being expected, Nitish may well have become the chief minister for the second time by then and will get to meet BJP honchos such as Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi, for whom his dislike is well known. It will be interesting to see how Nitish will react when he sees Narendra and Gandhi. Sushma Swaraj will also attend the wedding. Her problems with Modi have also come out in the open. It will be nice to see how these both will react to each other and cover up their personal emotions under a political garb.

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