Congress, bigger than the nation

August 16 2011

It is said that the governing powers are usually hard of hearing but Manmohan Singh’s ministers aren’t ready to listen to anything at all. Even a junior minister like Ajay Maken was seen throwing his headphone in the Parliament, Harish Rawat was seen trying to stop him, Rajiv Shukla was caught by his channel sleeping in the Parliament, Salman sa’ab has got a mother with a beard (Manmohan Singh) and his entire body language has changed. Sibal sa’ab’s body language as well as the tongue seems to be speaking well beyond their means. The Congress’ behaviour in the Parliament is becoming anarchistic and self-willed every day. It is enough to embarrass the democracy and Chidambaram’s haughty behaviour is making up for the rest. A bullet for helpless farmers’ protests, a threat to Anna’s fasting and lathi-charge on protestors is a normal thing for Chidambaram. So, the BJP too has decided it will directly attack the Gandhi family. A prominent BJP leader, along with a big English newspaper based in Delhi worked hard for eight months and has prepared a dossier about Robert Vadera. Clearly, this will be the biggest attack on the Gandhi family in an open way. From land, malls and hotels, there is a full file on everything. The newspaper was just about to start a series on the investigation, when the Rajmata of the party fell ill. As soon as she’s back, a lot of secrets will be out in the open and hollow relationships stuck together with weak threads will also be brought out. It will be the real test of Manish and Nirupam’s acumen.

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