General elections on time in the country

April 25 2013

The Congress is not taking seriously the claim by several parties that are harping on about the case of mid-term polls. The top leadership of the Congress is united on the view that the general elections should be held in the country at their correct time. The Congress is neither in hurry, nor does it want to repeat the mistakes that its predecessor the BJP made. The surveys that have been conducted by Mamta Banerjee and Mulayam Singh in their respective states and realised that they aren’t doing too well at all. In West Bengal, Mamta’s Trinamool Congress in unable to even touch the 10 per cent mark. On the other hand in UP, where SP’s Mulayam had dreamt of getting 70 Parliamentary seats, might just be unable to retain the present ones. Thus, both political leaders at this point in time want to get back to work with their parties and bring them to health. Maybe that is the reason that whenever there is talk about making the UPA government fall, or about a show of strength in the Parliament, Mamta and Mulayam both say no in the same breath. Their no has given the Congress a hope to revive itself.

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