Tamil leaders as devis and devtas

September 26 2011

It is nothing new in Tamil Nadu to depict political leaders as the avatars of gods and goddesses. In February 2006, Jayalalithaa came forward on her 58th birthday as the Goddess of food, Annapurna. Sitting on a lotus like seat, Jayalalithaa had a bowl full of grains in one hand and a ladle in another. Some Hindu organisations had spoken against it back then. Before this, when poster depicting her as the Virgin Mary were pasted in the city, Christian organisations spoke up against it and the posters were removed. Karunanidhi portrayed himself as Arjun in the political battlefield and showed his son Stalin as Kirshna, who pulled his chariot. When Karunanidhi’s eldest son and a central minister Azhaigiri wasn’t content with showing himself as Shiv and Rama, he portrayed himself as Pope Benedict XVI in 2008. He faced severe criticism from all over for the same, and the posters were removed within a couple of days. But when it came to portraying Chidambaram as Lord Krishna, no one dared to talk against it and nor were the posters removed.

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