Didi’s lifestyle management

February 27 2011

When Mamta didi got up to present the Rail Budget this Friday, whether on TV or in the Parliament, everyone was surprised to see her practically glowing. Where had that face full of melasma gone? The entire credit for Didi’s makeover goes to a local doctor in Kolkata, whose suggestions and treatment she has been following for the past few months. Didi doesn’t believe in beauty products too much and only uses Oil of Olay on her face. But she is strictly following her lifestyle management course. She takes care of what she eats, has her meals on time, regularly uses the treadmill and skips rope, and drinks coconut water. When she was recently operated on for gall bladder, the report wasn’t too good and her potassium level was down, too. That resulted in bad sleep pattern and she would feel weak. Now she fasts on Fridays, doesn’t eat anything sour, and eats moori and peas at night. When Didi went to the Speaker’s chamber after the budget and was invited to have lunch, she said, “Today I am fasting for Santoshi mata. I won’t eat anything today.” And she is so strict about following her lifestyle management course that when she skipped her treadmill session in the morning because of the budget, she made up for it with skipping in the evening. All in all, she’s ready to take over as the chief minister.

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