Jolly in Delhi

April 04 2010

Gadkari has to work quite hard on making the new president of Delhi BJP. There are too many takers for the post and the list runs really long. After the short-listing done by Gadkari, there are still about 30 names in the list. Every candidate is being interviewed by the new management guru of BJP. For the time being, Vijay Jolly appears to be the front runner in the race. Jolly’s name has the backing of Advani, Vijay Goel, Arti Mehra and Vijender Gupta. If he were to get the nod of Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra then his day under the sun could be close. While contesting the last Assembly election opposite Sheila Dikshit, Jolly had to do a lot of dancing. Now the reins for making the party people dance could come into his hands.

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