Battle for Delhi’s saffron throne

January 23 2010

There is a big battle on in the BJP to become the head of Delhi. For the post of Delhi Pradesh BJP president, big leaders like Vijay Kumar Malhotra and Arun Jaitley are backing former Mayor Arti Mehra. Vijay Goel has also not left any stone unturned and Ramlal and Sudhanshu Mittal are busy in helping him realise his lofty ambitions. Mittal is also considered to be close to Arti Mehra but this time he wants to see the victory crown on the head of Vijay. Nand Kishore Garg believes that people who are not with anyone else are with him. Madanlal Khurana has come out openly in support of Garg. Jagdish Mukhi is also in the fray but he is not liked by Vijay Kumar Malhotra. That is why Mukhi’s claim is nothing more than a posturing.

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