Who’s Delhi’s next police commissioner?

October 06 2010

Current Police Commissioner Y S Dadwal completed his three years in Delhi. A hunt for his successor is on. Niraj Kumar of the 76 batch is doing some aggressive lobbying. He’s trying to get closer to the home ministry, home secretary and the PMO. The only thing that is going slightly against him is that he is close to the BJP lobby, especially Shatrughn Sinha. B K Gupta of 75 batch is current the DG of Tihar Prison and is strongly putting his case forward. Ajay Chaddha of 77 batch is also considered an able officer. Dadwal has shown his desire to step down after three years, and after the Commonwealth Games. But his ambitions are still strong and he is waiting for a good position. If sources close to him are to be believed, he is vying for a post in the CBI.

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