Too sweet for Rahul

March 16 2010

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh has these days definitely
taken up the role of the mentor of Congress prince Rahul Gandhi. In
order to reach out to the Muslim voters in view of Rahul’s Mission UP
2012, Digvijay approached a very senior functionary of a famous Muslim
organisation in Azamgarh and made him agree that if Rahul would visit
Azamgarh then this minority organisation would fully support him. In
lieu of this the convener was served well. This convener also placed
some conditions before Digvijay such as that he would speak out openly
against the Batla House encounter (Later on Digvijay did exactly like
this). Simultaneously, Digvijay would also have to oppose the ban on
SIMI that has been extended by the Central Government. But Digvijay
helped that convener so much that the secret could no longer remain
one. Other members of the organisation rebelled and the
Congress-sponsored convener was removed from various posts of that
organisation. And this but this matter gained so much currency that
Rahul Gandhi had to cancel his proposed visit to Azamgarh.

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