Diggy Raja’s in a fix

June 29 2013

When the party turned its back on master strategist and a politician’s politician Digvijay Singh and took the reins of UP from him and handed them over to Madhusudan Mistry who is supposed to be extremely close to Ahmad Patel, Diggy Raja didn’t give up. The minute he was given the responsibility of Andhra Pradesh, he made a phone call to late YSR Reddy’s wife and Jagmohan’s mother and reminded him how he was close to YSR at one point in time. Thus, Diggy talked about am unannounced understanding between Jagmohan’s party and the Congress, but he did not get any substantial assurance from Jagmohan’s mother on the same. His mother Vijay Lakshmi gave the excuse to Diggy that she will first have to speak to her son who is in prison and only then will she be able to consider extending the hand of friendship to the Congress. Whereas the truth is that Jagan’s mother is in constant tough with Congress’ master player Ahmad Patel and has also met him in Delhi on several occasions. Which means Jagan’s mother is making calculated moves in the game between two Congress biggies.

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