Dada’s dinner diplomacy

September 10 2012

Prana da may well have bid adieu to active politics and climbed up Raisina Hill, but the addiction to politics is such that it isn’t easy to let go. He wants his Assembly member son Abhijeet to contest the election from the Jangipur seat in West Bengal, which has become vacant after his resignation. And because Abhijit is from the West Bengal Assembly, the seat left vacant by him for the Jangipur seat will be claimed by his sister. Under Dada’s able advice, Abhijit hosted a dinner for TMC and Congress Parliamentarians at his Greater Kailash bungalow in New Delhi. Pranab da had also spoken to Mamata before the dinner diplomacy so that Trinamool Parliamentarians can attend the dinner without any problems. TMC may be all right but one can’t really see unity among the Congressmen themselves. Of the six Congress Parliamentarians from West Bengal, only four attended the dinner. Which means Dada still has to win the fight against Congress.

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