Saffron stains

December 10 2009

Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal was presenting a Bill in Parliament on the issue of university and the question arose on whether it should be in Jammu or Srinagar. As soon as Sibal presented the Bill, a BJP MP from Bihar Bhola Singh got up to speak and how he spoke: he had so many words of praise for Sibal that for once a shy Sibal had to look for cover. Sibal finally breathed fresh air when Bhola Singh in his simplicity said that in Sonia Gandhi he sees a reflection of Indira Gandhi. First the saffron MP from Purnea Uday Singh and now Bhola Singh – this means that for the saffron party the weather is not good beyond Mughal Sarai. Is it indicative of a change in weather because Bhola Singh’s real grievance is against Nitish because on his getting elected as MP, Nitish had taken back the residence that was allotted to him as an MLA. Nitish had also got the MLA accommodation allotted to saffron legislator from Araria Pradeep Singh Gangai. So will this train of resentment from Purnea finally stop at Araria, from where Pradeep Singh is now an MP?

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