Reluctantly yours

November 21 2009

Advani is pained and hurt at Sangh’s attitude. Advani’s pain is clearly reflected in his words that `what is my fault if I have turned 83? When Morarji bhai had turned 82, who had asked him to step down?’ But Sangh has its own argument. Sangh says that it had handed the reins to Advani when he was 44 and ideally Advani should have made way for the next generation 15 years ago and should have himself taken up the role of a mentor. But in this matter, Advani has been very rigid and insists that `there is no power without post’. Earlier, the Sangh was agreeable to having a new post for Advani in the party, but his adamant nature has made the Sangh uneasy and in the changed scenario the Sangh is only appealing that `Advaniji you have to go by December’. And Advani on the other hand is not ready to call it quits yet.

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