Who’s for Thomas?

September 12 2010

The BJP and its leader Sushma Swaraj had already let her and the party’s displeasure known on the appointment of P J Thomas as the CVC’s new Chief Vigilance Commissioner. Sushma had also been invited for the meeting called by the prime minister about the same but problems with his nomination had already been made clear. The opposition leader wanted that there should be a discussion on other names as well in the Lok Sabha. But the government had already decided on Thomas. Everyone knows how dear Thomas is to 10 Janpath and Mukesh Ambani. His other qualifications were an added advantage to attract 10 Janpath. For instance, Thomas is a staunch Syrian Christian and his two brothers are bishops. During the entire meeting, the PM had kept quiet. The only one speaking in his favour was P Chidambaram. Can there be any better example of the church’s influence on the party and the government?

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