Telangana remains a slippery issue

January 13 2010

To pour water on the burning Telangana issue, Sonia Gandhi held a
serious and detailed consultation with her political secretary Ahmed
Patel and in that meeting it was decided that Andhra Chief Minister
Rosaiah call an all-party meeting in Hyderabad and in that meeting he
should announce that on the issue of Telangana a resolution would be
moved in the Assembly in the next couple of days. But despite all the
efforts of Rosaiah this could not happen. The real concern of the
Congress is TRS chief Rajshekhar Rao who is taking away all the credit
of the Telangana issue. The Congress MPs of Andhra are also worried
about people’s anger over the Telangana issue. The search for the
elusive formula that would be acceptable to all is still on.

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