Journalists are joining in at one-and-a-half-time the salary for Rahul’s “war room”

August 05 2013

There is a race among senior journalists to join Raul Gandhi’s
“war room”. In the past few days, nearly 18 journalists, most of who were covering the BJP beat, have said goodbye to their jobs with well-established newspapers and have joined Rahul at one-and-a-half times the current salary. Rahul and his team gave preference to the journalists who were covering the BJP only because they believe that these journalists will have a better knowledge of the BJP and Sangha Parivar and will know a lot about their internal politics as well as their strategy for elections. Rahul has promised these journalists that after the Lok Sabha elections, these journalists will get back their jobs with whichever newspaper they were working for. These journalists seem to be enjoying their news jobs at the war room, because they don’t have to stress about the work. There are vending machines for Coke, coffee, and different kinds of sandwiches. Whenever these journalists are free, they get to play with Rahul’s Yorkshire terrier breed she-dog Piddi.

  1. Ramana Says:

    So there is nobody covering BJP now ? :-) Besides, it would be more fun, if you listed the names of these journos !!!

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