A lonely lion

March 16 2010

There is a lot to play in the game of politics. They won and we kept losing. Amar Singh who once made Indian politics revolve around him is now somewhere leading a lonely life. Or else could anyone simply have cocked a snook at the stalwart Thakur leader stalwart of the SP? Now the Thakur leaders caste cousin Raja Bhaiyya has also turned his face away from Amar and extended a hand of friendship to Mulayam. Recently Raja Bhaiyya hosted a grand dinner in Lucknow. In this dinner, Mulayam was appearing to be the host, he personally went around greeting the guests and asking about their well-being. The speciality of this dinner was that not only did many of Amar’s close Thakur MLAs attended it, but there were also over a dozen or 14 UP MLAs of BJP who participated in it. Later when the BJP high command questioned these party MLAs, their reply was simple: because we cannot wing the 2012 election on the lotus symbol, so we thought it more appropriate to
take a ride on the cycle.

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