The next in line for Team Kejriwal

October 30 2012

“Ve khaam-e-khwah hatheli pe jaan rakhte hain, ajeeb log hain muh mein zubaan rakhtey hain/ Ve jinkey paon ke neechey nahi zameen koi, ve muthhiyon mein kayi aasmaan rakhtey hain.”
Team Kejriwal is ready with surprises. In the line of fire this time is the chief minister of a prosperous state adjoining Delhi, whose closeness to Robert Vadra is well-known. The CM’s Mauritius connection is being investigated. It is believed that he has several accounts in Mauritius. Sources reveal that India Against Corruption also has several documents in regards to this and several of Team Kejriwal’s members are there investigating the matter further. The IAC is also coming out with a white paper on the same soon. Which means the days to come are going to be even more troublesome for the Congress-led government.

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