Aiming at teaming Anna

November 13 2011

The government is still keeping a keen eye on Team Anna. The group of Congressmen who Team Anna has attacked is doing everything in its capacity to bring out skeletons from its closet. The Congress ministers have unleashed all its investigative agencies on Team Anna. The newest casualty Kiran Bedi was the result of an attack from a Congress leader. The new issue deals with Kiran Bedi’s NGO. At a gathering, this leader told a news channel that Kiran Bedi and her family draws fat salaries from the NGO, and that includes her daughter. The minister told the journalist that Kiran Bedi alone draws a salary of Rs 1,70,000 a month. He also said that Bedi’s NGO was not transparent about its sources of income and so the investigative agencies may look into that, too. Which means the tirade on Team Anna continues.

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