Joshi retracts

September 16 2013

The way party’s veteran leader Murli Manohar Joshi changed his stand on Modi’s candidacy as the prime minister left the Advani camp shocked. From Goa to Delhi, Joshi vehemently opposed Modi and was second only to Advani on this. Sources reveal that Joshi had made it clear in front of Advani, too, that be it the party’s Parliamentary Board meeting that happened last Friday, or the event celebrating the decision thereafter, he will boycott both events. In any case, he was supposed to be out of Delhi in Sagar. As promised to Advani camp, Joshi was absent for the Parliamentary Board meeting, but as soon as Modi’s name was announced, Joshi stood first in the line to congratulate him with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. And when Modi bent down to touch Joshi’s feet, he embraced Modi, forgetting all his grudges.

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