Going places

February 10 2010

It is now counted among the common traditions of BJP that whenever someone is about to be given something or something is to be snatched from someone, the slips get distributed. Remember Shyam Jaju, a shy, cultured and honest person who was only a mandal president at Kolhapur in Maharashtra. He was brought to Delhi by Pramod Mahajan and he was established as a prominent face in the BJP central office in Delhi. As has been circulated in a slip, that today Jaju is the owner of vast wealth and benami properties. His writ also runs in BJP-ruled States. He is known to have four to five PAN cards and when crores were siphoned out of the BJP office, the needle of suspicion also pointed to him. So Jaju was told to pack his bags and prepare to leave. As soon as Gadkari would formally take charge on 9th, the search for a replacement to Jaju would begin.

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