Piyush’s gyan to Japan

September 18 2011

BJP’s National Treasurer and Rajya Sabha Member Piyush Goel may be a chartered accountant by profession, but his nature is that of an economist. Recently, when a Parliamentary Representative Committee, which included JD(U)’s N K Singh (who has been the revenue secretary) and four other Parliamentarians went for an Indo-Japan Partnership seminar, it was Piyush Goel’s speech that was appreciated the most. He talked about the disadvantages of the Japanese high-cost economy and advised that if Japan wanted to stay in the global economy and become more competitive, it will have to import cheap Indian labour. The Parliamentarian from Kyoto was so impressed with Piyush’s speech that after the seminar, he invited Piyush to Kyoto and Piyush returned to India two days after the other Indian representatives.

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