Advani should answer

July 11 2010

Even today several questions are staring at us with gaping mouths, one of them being what Advani brought to the country in return of extraditing the Purulia suspects? Recently, when America got hold of 10 Russians, Russia had to let go of four important American prisoners. Who had sent arms top Purulia and for whom? That it was for Anandmargis is just an eyewash – they were seeking the attention of Maoists. Are these the same weapons that are creating havoc from Lalgarh to Dantewada. What is the Russian connection behind the suspects’ release? Who were the leaders who got financial assistance from Kim Davey and who always protected him? Where did that Russian aircraft that landed in Mumbai go? No one knows the answers. The arms were Russian and so was the craft, while Russia was at the brink of breaking away from USSR. So who was responsible for the culmination of this conspiracy? No one knows the objective behind the two big incidents during the BJP rule – the Kandahar hijack and the Purulia arms incident. The nation wants answers from the BJP, which claims to be the supreme patriot party and from its protagonist, L K Advani. No Gadkari can talk or wish these questions away. Advani will have to step forward and give us the answers.

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