Who fanned Jaya bhabhi?

June 08 2010

Jaya Bachchan has after all left her yearning for a Rajya Sabha berth and has stated family matters as the reason. No matter how much the distance may have become between Amar Singh and Big Brother, Big B has still not forgotten that it was because of Amar Singh that he got another lease of life in his journey through the film world. Abhishek and Aishwarya may not be that fond of Amar, but they do not want the Bachchan family to be drawn into an unnecessary political controversy. And at the last moment the most important role was played by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who called up Amitabh over phone and offered that if Gujarat can make him its brand ambassador then it also keeps weight to send Jaya `bhabhi’ to Rajya Sabha. This is what clinched the issue and Jaya apprised Netaji Mulayam about her ideas.

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