The retirement age for judges to be increased

March 08 2011

After getting the permission from the Cabinet, the government has come with a bill wherein the retirement age of high court judged will be increased from 62 to 65. This will be the 114th Amendment of the Constitution. The government believes that this will postpone the nomination of judges for at least three years, and that will result in a speedy case hearing and closing. The judge will get time to give a verdict for the case he has. But it is believed that the Supreme Court does not agree with the government on the same because according to the present method, those high court judges who are good are brought to the Supreme Court as a reward. And with the new arrangement, not many judges would like to come to the Apex court, since they will not be able to practice after retirement from the Supreme Court. Because according to the present rules, the judges cannot practice in the same courts they retire from.

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