The Bill to increase the age of judges still hangs

August 15 2010

The UPA government and Law Minister Verappa Moily were the most active in having the age of judges increased. Moily wanted the bill to be presented in this session of the Parliament itself. According to this bill, the retirement age of a Supreme should be increased to 68 from 65, High Court judge’s age be increased from 63 to 65, and increase a district judge’s retirement age from 60 to 62. Moily also wanted that the bill be passed over from the Parliament’s permanent committee and sent straight to the Parliament, from where it could be sent to the states for passing. But Opposition party BJP has put a spoke in the wheel of the Congress Party. It has made clear that it doesn’t support such bill and so even if it comes straight to the house, it might not be passed. The UPA government has decided to put the matter on the back burner.

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