Jagan’s in a fix

August 01 2010

Jagan Reddy’s behaviour and language has left the Congress top brass seething in rage. Despite being asked to do so, Reddy hasn’t given up his travels and neither is he slowing down his political ambitions bandwagon. Congress also realizes that while Jagan may not be able to win the Andhra elections by floating a separate regional party, but he can definitely drill a hole in the regional Congress party. Indeed, Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP stands to gain from this. Congress has thus started to go strict with Jagan. Whose money it really is in Jagan’s Sakshi channel is a big priority for the Customs department to find out. Teams have been sent to Switzerland, London and Mauritius and it became clear that the way money was collected for the channel was against the FERA rules. Work is on to lodge a case against Jagan. It’s no laughing matter to play with the Rajmata – Jagan should probably be realizing that by now.

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