What are Jagan’s motives?

December 21 2010

Jagan Reddy is proving to be a bane for Congress. The significant thing is that not only is Jagan getting the support of the public in his home state, but is also being supported by the church. He knows that he is on the Central government’s target and has thus paid a hefty sum as advance tax. He has sold him cement company to the French giant Lafarge and invested that money into his newspaper and TV channel. He is all set to fight a decisive battle with the Congress and is also being supported by the Reddy brothers of the BJP. Jagan and the Reddy brothers are from the same village of Kandappa. Reddy brothers shot to fame with the encouragement of Jagan’s father Rajshekhar Reddy. And now that Jagan is ready to form a regional party of his own, this party may form a coalition with the BJP in the coming elections. BJP estimates that Jagan may prove to be a threat to the Congress in at least 35 seats

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