Saffron strings on Chautala

August 31 2013

Something’s cooking between Om Prakash Chautala and the BJP. A few days ago, Chautala, who has been recuperating at Gurgaon’s Medanta Hospital, got a surprise phone call from BJP President Rajnath Singh. Rajnath expressed the desire that in the coming Lok Sabha elections, the BJP wants to include Chautala’s party in Haryana. Rajnath has given a formula to Chautala, that if the BJP, Chautala and Kuldeep collectively contest the elections, the Congress will vanish from the state. As a part of the formula, BJP and Chautala’s Indian National Lok Dal can contest four Lok Sabha seats each, with Kuldeep Bishnoi can contest two seats. Chautala wanted to know which of these arrangements will work for the Assembly elections, to which Rajnath indicated that in the oncoming Assembly elections, the BJP may consider the Indian National Lok Dal to be a big ally.

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