Why is Jaitley silent?

June 04 2013

Arun Jaitley is far ahead in the race for BCCI chief but is maintaining a thought-out silence about the entire matter. Jaitley believes that keeping quiet against Srinivasan may be an advantage for him and he may get the votes of Srinivasan’s supporters. On the other hand, the UPA, too, is of the opinion that the longer the IPL matters drags on, the better it is. Doing this will remove the media’s glare away from other pressing matters such as the CBI and Coalgate. Jaitley also doesn’t want that the IPL’s fire rages so high that BCCI may get burnt. Jaitley has also expressed his concern about it to his close friends. The Jaitley family is going abroad on a holiday and doesn’t want the cricketing scandal to affect his vacation dates.

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