Don’t be scared – fight!

May 07 2013

The fact that the China-India situation arose and has more or less dissolved is because the communist country is totally involved with what is happening on its domestic front. In the past decade when the country has consciously moved towards somewhat capitalism from communism, the country’s economy improved several times. The world was surprised to see the growth rate of China being pegged at 9-10 per cent. But with 2012, things changed and the growth rate slumped to 7.6 per cent – the lowest in three years. There was also been a record slowdown with the country’s industrial productivity. The steel and realty sector, which were the mainstay of China’s economy, are victims of the slow growth and a slump in the industry. The demand and price for steel have gone down in international markets. Nearly 3,800 banks of the country have bad debts and can even sink. Thus, this is the real time to now be scared of China but fight against it. For starters, we can refuse to buy Chinese products….

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