China’s errant nature

May 07 2013

India’s problem is that China’s armed forces, which was two times more than India’s during the 1962 war between the two countries, is now five times more. The country is not only present to India’s north, but has also stretched its legs in the west and south as well. China controls the ports in Sri Lanka and the Gadar Port in the west. Sensing the danger in Baluchistan, Pakistan has little or no control over Gadar Port. China also controls one of the two ports in Iran and has made a handsome offer for the second one as well. India is also considering bidding for it. China has total control over the Maldives. The country also has significant influence in the valley of Nepal and is reaching out to the youth there through money being pumped by several NGOs on the Bihar border. The youth there wants to learn Chinese. Clearly, the communist country has surrounded India well and nice.

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