Congress moves on Chiranjeevi

October 30 2011

The Congress is planning its strategy in Andhra Pradesh about Chiranjeevi. That’s because the Kapu caste the superstar belongs to has quite an influence on 12 Lok Sabha seats from the coastal part of the state. And here other seats have at least 25 per cent Kapu votes that will decide a seat’s win or loss. The Congress is hoping that it will sweep through the in the coastal parts if it manages to get a right balance with Dalit, Muslim, schedule castes and Kapu. Where Rayalseema is concerned, it is Jagan’s stronghold, where the Congress will not be able to do will even if it wants to. That’s because Jagan is hell bent on causing injury to the Congress at the cost of the party and even himself. Clearly, Chandrababu Naidu will gain from the situation.

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