Why is Chavan worried?

April 23 2011

Ever since Prithviraj Chavan has taken over the chief minister’s post in Maharashtra, he’s been more worried about RTI than the Opposition party. As a result he is so wary of signing files that the rate of progress in the state has almost stalled. Actually, BJP’s Kirit Somaiya approached the CM with a file that was a confidential one dealing with a space deal. Surprised, Chavan asked Somaiya, “Where did you get this file from? I had merely glanced at it when I was a state minister in the PMO?” “But these are your signatures,” replied Somaiya. The worried minister agreed that they indeed were his initials, but had signed only because he has been asked to, by the PMO officials. Somaiya then told him that he had got all these documents through the RTI. Since then Maharashtra’s right to information is taking a toll on the right to work.

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