Akhilesh can’t seem to pull it off

April 22 2012

Akhilesh Yadav may have become the chief minister of UP, but he has not been able to step out of his father’s shadow where important decisions are concerned. The father got his own Cabinet formed, of which 99 per cent were those that Mulayam preferred. If you leave a few exceptions such as Abhishek Mishra, most of the ministers were those who support Mulayam. Even in the CM’s office, Anita Singh, who is considered to be extremely close to Mulayam, is wielding the baton. Shivpal Yadav is behaving like a proxy chief minister and directly called the DG of the state and says, “Remove the particular SP, we will get the orders from the CM’s office.” Netaji also has a direct bearing on matters of Delhi. Prof Ramgopal Yadav makes up for anything else that’s remaining.

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