Chatwal manages again

February 07 2010

This is the very Sant Singh Chatwal against whom Indian investigating agency CBI has filed a chargesheet. The matter pertains to a fraud of $ 9 million against State Bank of India. Perhaps in this matter Chatwal was also arrested from Mumbai once and he was let off after intensive interrogation. Once release, Chatwal left the country. In 2008, the senior officials of CBI wanted to file an appeal citing
`difference of opinion’ but the Director of Prosecution opposed this and got the case closed. And three cases had already been closed
against Chatwal earlier. So the speculation was already rife in the political circles that because of his American connections, Chatwal
could this time be honoured with India’s highest civilian honour, but the curtain only had to come off on whether this honour would be Padma Shri or Padma Bhushan. The veil had long ago been lifted off the political intentions.

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